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Launched in 2017, this community led grass-roots initiative was created to celebrate the history, creativity and cultural heritage of the London Borough of Lewisham. Its mission: to give everyone an equal creative and cultural voice.





Then & Now  was first exhibited in October 2018 in a disused retail unit in Catford Shopping Centre.

It features photographs taken in 1977 of Lewisham young people taken by artist and photographer John Goto known collectively as “Lovers’ Rock”, alongside a series of photos taken in 2018 by renowned photographer Des Willie, of young people from across Lewisham “Now” (see below).

The exhibition also features music created by a young Lewisham collective Error 343 led by Clay Shimidzu, and interviews with contributors who were part of the Lovers’ Rock scene in the 70’s and young people living, working or studying in Lewisham today.

To see John Goto’s images visit: http://www.johngoto.org.uk/Lovers_Rock/


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